New Items and Souls!

Added a two new items and three new souls.

The scythe fills a niche in the current weapons. It’s basically becoming the axe (damaging cleave), which is becoming the mace (cleave and pushback, high damage), which is staying the same but doing less damage.

The butterfly net, like the shovel and pan, allow you to one-hit tiny creatures. Unlike the other two, creatures swatted with a net will always leave behind coins. Swatting has been moved out from the general damage dealing routine, fixing another problem where cleave and pushback were taking effect with a swat.

Loot has been developed somewhat. All items have a level now, and beasts will only drop items of their level or lower. Additionally, all items have been classified by carriers: tiny, small, large, and human. The first three refer to the size of an animal, and the other to having a chance to carry human implements. Beasts, correspondingly, have been organized into such categories.

The goblin has been introduced as a low-level human loot carrier. Also data for the musketeer and cat lady have been added, but they lack spawn information and will not appear on the map yet.

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