Cat Lady! Snorkel! Huts! OVERWORLD!!!

Creatures can now spawn other creatures. Spawning has been generalized to filter on status (hidden), locale (hero adjacent), pattern (of attacking and spawning), and other parameters. Wolves can spawn other wolves, and huts now contain a cat lady who spawns cats.

Set up a standard rotation between vendor, quest, and cave. Quests can only spawn once, caves and vendors will try not to spawn too many of the same type. Shops now spawn level-appropriate items, and avoid dupes within reason. There’s a new special tile spawn which alternates with caves 1/3 of the time. This isolated hut contains a hidden human, currently a swordsman.

Renovations to map spawning, fixed a bug where outdoor quests were spawning in caves, general tidying for more plot development. Prep work for revamp of quests and general plot progression. Consolidated some calls, disabled some debug settings.

Fixed a bug.. or more of an intent thing, the net now allows you to hit tiny creatures even when they are flying (ie. butterflies). Snorkels no longer work if you are riding.

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