Home from GDC, work continues

Got back from a most enjoyable time at GDC. Saw a bunch of old coworkers, spent Saturday lounging on the couch and doing fuck all with an old friend. Holy crap music vidyas are good these days.

I had to replace the bot filter on Battle Mines because Are You A Human wanted me to start paying $5000 a month for their service. Kind of shame, instead of character recognition they used little games like “put the nose on the face but not the banana” to discern AI from BI. reCAPTCHA, as evinced by 99% of the internet, is still free.

Work continue on my presentation for EGLX, still in the phase where I try to amass enough content to talk for 45 minutes. It should be easier than it feels once I start fleshing coalescing ideas and piling sentences into minutes, but I want to be able to prune down to gold.

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