March 2016

Nothing much new to report! I’m still working away on my presentation. Santi has finished off many of the Overworld pixels, I’ve tasked him with making a banner for the […]

Hilarious Javascript Bugs

So here’s an incredibly contrived bug. Javascript lets you check for a value contained within an array using the “in” operator, à la: if (‘reverse’ in stringArray) { … As a […]

Got back from a most enjoyable time at GDC. Saw a bunch of old coworkers, spent Saturday lounging on the couch and doing fuck all with an old friend. Holy […]

GDC was fun. Nothing mind blowing, but it’s a good pep-talk kind of thing for video game creative/engineering types. I went to one technical lecture on the back end for […]

Yeah, I’m here! Uh, come party with me! I saw some nice talks, annnd.. ran into some old friends. Some people let me run an Overworld playtest, which was really […]

Seems like every time I sit down, I notice wacky behaviour. One group of bugs comes up from me treating objects in javascript like associative arrays in php. I keep […]

I am officially an evil spammer! Well, the intent is there. I created a Mail Chimp account, and dumped in the whole list of Battle Mines signups (about 1.6k). I believe […]

To flesh out the site, I retroactively entered all my Overworld development updates, and some select ones from Battle Mines old and new. I was looking for some Game of […]

I actually got up early to work on this a little more, it felt good writing the Experiments page because I haven’t reminisced on those years of work in quite […]