Overworld, bugs aplenty

Seems like every time I sit down, I notice wacky behaviour.

One group of bugs comes up from me treating objects in javascript like associative arrays in php. I keep trying to say if (‘thing’ in object) {}, which would work on an array but doesn’t on an object. Kind of fuzzy on the difference still, not sure if you can use strings as keys in an array, best to avoid it.

Had another bug crop up as a result of something I fixed a ways back where I’d clear the plan after spawning a creature from it. Unfortunately I was still using the plan to detect special tiles, so I really only wanted to clear the creature data from the plan not the whole thing (made a note to improve that later).

All villagers become rescuees once the quest ends now, to stop post-quest taming/following behaviour persisting. Also fixed a bug where chests were not properly created as a reward for finishing a quest.

Finally, after monkeys steal your shit, they are supposed to be scared of you and run away. However, this was only happening if they found themselves right next to you. If they had seen you run away, they’d still be aggressive and chase you. Also a bug in stolen item compasses since my last fix.

Just another day in the life.

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