Playtesting Overworld and Presentation Research

Was play testing a little last night and I went through 3 consecutive games without seeing anything I especially felt the need to tweak or fix! Could be a record. I failed to reach the underworld every time, the game is much more challenging since I added lots of high-level beasts a month ago, tigers and bulls ripping me to shreds. One such event happened in a cave, I was feeling pretty good with my hammer and glasses, but I got caught between a crocodile and puddle of water. Even at full health, he did me in with two snaps.

That didn’t feel the greatest, given there was zero outs for me in that particular randomly generated situation. The game is so short though, I don’t think it’s a major concern, and with the damage levels and other numbers concerned it was right down to the wire. I should have tracked back to a shop for some armour or something before pressing on in that state.

Started doing research for my EGLX talk last night, it’s actually really interesting compiling what I believe to be important in the realm of large-scale multiplayer gaming. Hope a few others agree with me. Ordered a seminal work from one of my only game-design heroes, Richard Bartle, MMOs from the Inside Out. Pretty excited to peruse that one, should have gotten my hands on it years ago, even though I personally lived a fair chunk of it.

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  1. In fact, he only just published it the last day of 2015. It’s hot off the presses! Although, he published a few less voluminous works in a similar vein earlier.

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