More pages, aaand go!

I actually got up early to work on this a little more, it felt good writing the Experiments page because I haven’t reminisced on those years of work in quite some time. It’s a bit worrying that my earlier games seemed to build and hold a larger player base, but that might be my imagination. I guess it’s harder and harder these days to capture and hold people’s attention. That old BM v1.0 map in particular, I think I had about 40 active players in that game at one point. I would kill to be able to maintain that level on new BM, sigh.

Oh well, I am a person doing a thing gosh darn it. Some folks write books, some study the universe, some play the stock market. I make impossible games that nobody has ever heard of, and proudly too.

I’m going to post a link to the site in a couple of places now, welcome early visitors! (Please leave a comment, it’s looking awfully empty at the moment.)


  1. You are an inspiration to those who go their own way and do their own thing without focusing on monetary gain, keep it up

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