Overworld, Breaking Radio Silence

Howdy ho peeparinos, dis ya boi rasty rappin’ from way down south where he all holed up in west LA. Had a kid about 4 months back, that’s why updates […]

Finally got WordPress up and running again, ugh. Probably shot my new installation full of security holes getting it to work, and it’s not 100% yet because I had to […]

Here’s a sample of what I get: When you start from the folder of the XP era, it does not start. Industry employment structure in January 2015 is the agriculture, […]

Red Asteroid Under Attack!

Since the newsletter went out, CPU load on my little box has tripled. Looks like we got somebody’s attention! Checking the logs, I noticed increased load ever since the newsletter […]

I am officially an evil spammer! Well, the intent is there. I created a Mail Chimp account, and dumped in the whole list of Battle Mines signups (about 1.6k). I believe […]

To flesh out the site, I retroactively entered all my Overworld development updates, and some select ones from Battle Mines old and new. I was looking for some Game of […]

I actually got up early to work on this a little more, it felt good writing the Experiments page because I haven’t reminisced on those years of work in quite […]

I’ve added static pages for Battle Mines and the current work in development, Overworld. It’s incredibly fun writing simple prose and doing a little page layout, so much easier and […]

Red Asteroid Games now has its own website! Over the next few days I’ll be fleshing it out with content describing our games past, present, and future. I’ll also backfill […]

Have been forgetting to do dev logs.. basically just getting what exists right as rain, and planning to add a new terrain generation system for dungeons, similar to the one […]