Overworld, Breaking Radio Silence

Howdy ho peeparinos, dis ya boi rasty rappin’ from way down south where he all holed up in west LA. Had a kid about 4 months back, that’s why updates have been sin componentes esse, now I’m back and ready to lay some smack down on ya. But first:


That’s right, a new title screen. All components of the game have been pulled into in-game UX. Most graphical options have been removed in favour of screen-filling defaults. Kinda like the fully-integrated experience, à la apple or google store products, that one might expect. Of course submenu items are all cold websites links but it’s a start.

Next thing I’m going to try to do is post a list of major game innovations that have happened since.. January!

  • Fog border for unexplored tiles
  • Cave updates: Dead-end escape button, locked rooms
  • New beasts: Crab, centipede, tortoise, crow, hedgehog, archer
  • New items: Poleaxe, crossbow, blunderbuss, whip, hides, shell, leaf, flower, flyswatter, flute, scrolls of taming, sleep, and recall, wizard hat, bomb
  • New shop: Library
  • Welcome NPC for Tutorial and regular game modes
  • Countless bug fixes, refactors, and game balance items
  • Better debug mode to help me work faster

A few more loose ends will go in this week, then I’ll call it a milestone. Next up I think will be work on the meta system, character classes, and infrastructure improvements. Thanks for your interest, stay tuned! (PS. This should automatically post to the Facebook page, so that’s a thing now.)

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