Old updates backfilled

To flesh out the site, I retroactively entered all my Overworld development updates, and some select ones from Battle Mines old and new. I was looking for some Game of God material to do the same with, but nothing in the backup folder is specifically dated, other than a copyright reference from some time in 2004.

Pretty funny to read my 10 year old prose, I think I was more amusing back then. Juanito, Lars, Xade, Scurtis, Lucrexia, Assmonster… the gang’s all there, buried in ancient records. I could sit here all night posting excerpts, here’s just one selection:

Lars: Exploring new tiles leaves a trail leading right to you. That’s why I (and, I presume, Ass) have been able to find so many people with bounties in the time after the world reset.

Rasteroid: hehe yea that’s a fun dynamic.

Lars: Your notion of ‘fun’ is disturbing. Most people don’t like to be punished for being successful.

Lars: In all seriousness, in terms of succesful future game development, I wouldn’t recommend you implement those sorts of dynamics.

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