Been a while since I rapped ya

Things have been crazy at the office since I got back, pretty much in crunch mode for our title while I can as of recently reveal is a mobile version of “Wheel Of Fortune”.

Anyway, this week I dug into the graphical side of things that Mr. Jeremy was handling hitherto, and fixed a bug that has been present pretty much since the pixi integration’s inception. Essentially, if you killed something especially common (almost certainly a rat), and another identical creature moved onto the same tile before your next move, it would create a lingering sprite on the tile of the soul in question. Other creatures could move overtop, but the sprite was stuck there for good.

The problem had to do with the unique identifiers being generated for sprites. It used type, asset name, and position. For the same creature, these would be identical on the same tile, so the engine would not perform the cleanup correctly when presented with overlapping information. I started passing the unique Overworld engine entity ID for souls and items, to be used in the graphics engine ID. This cleaned it up. In the process, I became more familiar with how rendering and tweening works under the hood. So, excellent overall!

Feels good to have that one knocked out. Will probably address a few more little bugs I’ve noticed in the interim, before getting back to new animation and graphics. Time, time. It’s all about time.

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