Barbarian Assault and the Great Paper Schism

Funny stuff is always happening in Overworld. Sometimes it’s unamusing funny stuff, like the one movement pattern that almost never occurs but introduces unrecoverable errors in the graphical world model. Mostly though, it’s awesome stuff. Like the one barbarian I saw in a hut.

Waved to him I did, as I brushed past to continue my quest to save the villagers from the ravages of a vicious wolf. I almost forgot about that barbarian, until the body of a villager I had just saved was thrown violently across a field from the spot where we had escaped the city limits. One moment extolling my virtues, the next I lifeless corpse that happened to be carrying a fishing rod I was quite interested in.

But what would attack a rescued villager? The rampaging wolf was programmed to stay inside the city limits. A turn later I found out: The barbarian had tracked me across the map, tossing creatures hither and yon in his bloodlust. I captured a shot of the aftermath, here’s me finishing him off then beating up some thieves with my flail.

Note: The capture is pretty jerky here. It looks better in-game. I am not a media guru.

In other news, I was troubled greatly by the overlap of a new ocean I was adding and the letter quest. Paper doesn’t like water, so when they overlapped there was a risk of the game becoming not unplayable, but kind of demoralizing. I decided to introduce these measures: Papery things will not start if wet things have already started, and wet things will not start if papery things are in progress. It seems fair.

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